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Thematic Brief on Stakeholders: Eco-system Builders

This thematic brief describes five different perspectives on stakeholder relationships which have the potential to drive new ways of thinking about engagement and impact.

This document is not a final report, but a means to further synthesize and illustrate the dialogue we started.  It is written as a Google Doc with an open invitation to everyone connected with the Saving Brains community (yes, you!) to edit and contribute your experiences.  The goal is not to write an academic paper, but to capture the real-life experience-based insights of those bringing ECD to scale.

You can contribute in four ways by directly editing the Google doc below:

  1. Adding your story: We need your help to illustrate these perspectives through more innovator examples.  If you have a short story or example of one of these perspectives making a difference, please add a note in Appendix C.

  2. Expanding on the examples: This document is full of “for example …” bullet points.  Do you have another idea or suggestion that could help others?  If so, please add your bullet point example to any list in the document.

  3. Filling in the gaps: Can you respond to a “⚠ HELP!” flag in the document?  These are points where editors have flagged content that particularly needs enhancing or improving.  

  4. Review and Reflections: Finally, at the end of each section and at the end of the document you will see some 💬  pink commentary boxes.  This is an opportunity to contribute a reflection or observation on what you have read.  Can you see an angle, pattern or trend in what you’re reading?  Is there a gap, opportunity or blind spot?  

Appendix A: Mind map from the initial innovator discussions

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