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Video Gallery: Watch Anu Shankar discuss the importance of good data management practices.

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The Importance of Good Data Analysis
The 10 Commandments of Qualitative Research
The 10 Deadly Sins of Study Design
5 Major Variables that Affect ECD
Always Learning About Data
Can You Ever Compromise on Data Ethics
Checking Data Quality
Choosing an Analytic Approach
Common Mistakes in Choosing an Analytic Approach
Common Data Messes
Common Reasons Behind Lapses in Data Ethics
Common Sources of Data Errors
Components of a Data Analysis Plan
Cultural Clashes on Data Ethics
Data Checks at Recording Entry
Data Driven Processes
Dealing With Missing Data
Designating Research Questions
Essentials of Data Security
Ethics and Data
Ethics in Data Processes
Handling Missing Data
Hierarchical Modelling
Mismatched Study Designs and Analytic Approaches
Multi-Level Null Model
Multi-Level Regression
Multi-Stage Sample Design
Multiple Imputation
Physical vs. Electronic Forms
Practical Steps on Research Questions
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data
Skill Testing in Hiring
The Continuous Focus on Data
The Importance of Good Data Management
The Need for a Data Analysis Plan
The Pareto Principle
What is a Data Analysis Plan
What is a Data System
Who Deals With Data Problems
Who Drafts a Data Analysis Plan
Why Does Data Go Missing
Why Don't People Develop Data Analysis Plans
Components of a Data System
Why Use an Active Data System
Why Don't Some Innovators Follow Good Data Processes?
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