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Stakeholder Engagement

Explore resources that focus on energizing the whole stakeholder system to realize potential for sustainable impact at scale.


Successful social innovations involve complex networks of stakeholders who have an important role to play in realizing a program’s potential for sustainable impact at scale.

Through the Saving Brains Learning Platform, we have collaborated with a wide variety of innovators seeking to achieve sustainable impact at scale in child development work, generally in low- and middle-income countries. Along the way, we have heard repeatedly from innovators that they see stakeholders as vital to this effort.

Below, please find resources and materials capturing innovators' reported experiences and reflections on stakeholder relationships.



This short introductory thematic piece covers key concepts innovators have found useful in building the impact, reach, and sustainability of their programs: "win-win-win" stakeholder engagement; valuing socially undervalued stakeholders; identifying "pivotal" stakeholders; and making success visible.

Thematic Brief on Stakeholder Engagement: Eco-System Builders

This brief captures the experiences of social innovators who attended the Saving Brains transition-to-scale workshop, and offers 5 perspectives on stakeholder relationships:

  • seeing the ecosystem from the eyes of others; 

  • appreciating that the innovation is usually not at the centre of the ecosystem;

  • responding to the true motivation of stakeholders; 

  • finding approaches that simultaneously benefit many stakeholders to the point where they are eager for more engagement (“win-win-win”); and 

  • engaging socially undervalued stakeholders in ways that enhance dignity, agency, and ambition. 

Case Study: Community Empowerment Lab
Explore how the Community Empowerment Lab supported a "win-win-win ecosystem" that successfully scaled Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Case Study: Madrasati Initiative
Explore how the Madrasati Initiative enhanced its scaling up strategy for the Mashati Students' Clubs program in Jordan by analyzing their stakeholder ecosystem.


Socially Undervalued Stakeholders

30m presentation + 15m discussion

Watch the webinar that features the iACT organization, implementing the Little Ripples program, and their reflections on centering socially undervalued stakeholders in their work.

Win-Win-Win Relationships

15m presentation

This short webinar discusses sustainable scaling through win-win-win relationships with key stakeholders.

Win-Win-Win Stakeholder Ecosystem 

30m presentation + 15m discussion

This webinar looks at what is a win-win-win stakeholder ecosystem and how it can unlock sustainable scaling, with a case example from the Early Journey of Life team in Vietnam.

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