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Using your Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system to generate effective decision making


The materials in this learning theme are drawn from effective practice. They demonstrate practical and feasible ways of guiding decision making through rigorous and systematic measurement, review, and reporting on progress towards achieving sustainable impact at scale.

The Measurement for Change 

The approach places the process of monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL) as an integral part of the decision making cycle.

The emphasis is upon selecting and using appropriate, feasible, affordable, and accessible methods to generate conversations around the evidence. The ultimate objective is to build a cohesive and effective intervention system that reaches even the most vulnerable.

Measurement for Change Aspirations: The aspirations create a framework to the approach, and are focused upon building capacity through a collaborative and continuous MEL process.

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Monitoring, Evaluation, And Learning: A Brief History

This video clip outlines the varying and changing influences on the design of MEL processes

Effective Delivery of Integrated Interventions in Early Childhood: Innovations in Evidence Use, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

 A series examining the effective use of MEL in generating improved ECD outcomes and scale.

 In Frontiers in Public Health 2020    



A practical guide to creating an integrated Monitoring Evaluation and Learning system

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Tools & Processes

Selecting and Adapting the measurement techniques



Sharing experiences from the field

Created in Collaboration With

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