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Building a useful, practical and informative Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) process to achieve effective and sustainable delivery at scale.

The workbook consists of a series of presentations and accompanying scripts that guide a thorough review of the design and implementation of your MEL system. The objective is to strengthen the efficacy and effectiveness of your MEL process.  

Each presentation is intended to provoke reflection and discussion in a continuous cycle. 


The workbook outlines the Measurement for Change approach, and provides examples on how to build the capacity to meet its aspirations.

Select and Download a Slide Deck and Its Accompanying Script

The materials were created as part of a collaborative process. Sharing your feedback as well as the experience of your MEL system in practice will continue the explorative and co-creative process. 

Please provide Feedback: 


Creating a holistic Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System

What are the Key Components?

This presentation examines the different levels of influence that create and define a holistic approach. It asks you to reflect on what aspects you are able to monitor.  


What are you Evaluating?


This slide deck takes you through an exploration of your objectives, processes, and methods to clarify the focus. Be clear what you asking, and what kinds of answers you are looking for.


What is the Detail you Can & Should Track and Measure?


Linking the questions to the metrics This slide deck takes you through the process of clarifying what questions your M&E framework should be focused on.


Fit for Purpose Selecting Appropriate Measures 


This slide deck is intended to guide the completion of your M&E framework to achieve the right balance between detail and focus such that the information you collect both Adequately informs your decision making & Is feasible to collect systematically and rigorously


Fit for Purpose Selecting Appropriate Tools


In this slide deck we ask important questions about  the suitability of Specific Tools to Specific contexts


Preparing and Evaluating Metrics of Assessment


This slide deck is intended to provide guidance over how to prepare your tools for use and Check that your tools and methods are reliable and valid to reassure you that your data means something.

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