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Brick by Brick Silver Linings Storytellers: (from left to right) Mama and Tata Ambassadors Samuel Mayanja and Agnes Nambooze, Communications and Advocacy Officer, Geraldine Kauma, Mama and Papa Stella Najjumba and Twaha Ssebagala, and Program Officer Esther Nakyaze with baby Hamidu.

Since 2004, Brick by Brick has built strong partnerships that improve education, health, and economic opportunity in the Rakai and Kyotera Districts of Uganda. This rural population of over a half million people is extraordinarily resilient, resourceful, and creative. Brick by Brick has tapped into this vast untapped wealth, to build together, and in partnership with local government, a new and brighter future.


The Babies and Mothers Alive, or BAMA Program is a cornerstone of this achievement. Since 2015 BAMA has focused on improving maternal, reproductive, and newborn care. Based on 48 free government-funded health centers and hospitals it has trained government midwives to form a corps of thirty Mentor Midwives. They in turn work side by side with nearly 300 of their colleagues to improve the quality of care for our mothers and babies. BAMA also draws upon the skills of over 100 Mama and Papa Ambassadors, community health workers, and role model parents to serve as highly trained champions for maternal and reproductive health.  This network of champions provides the BAMA Program eyes and ears in the villages. Through the partnership between the BAMA network and the district government maternal mortality has reduced by 64% and newborn mortality by 50% in our target health facilities. The focus is now to build upon this firm foundation a strong culture of nurturing care and child development that is our Mama Ambassador Program (MAP).

You can learn more about our health programs by clicking here: Brick by Brick. To watch another brilliantly crafted video around our work by Geraldine Kauma, click Music for Mothers.

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